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Poultice for rashes, burns, and bug bites


-1/4 Bentonite clay

-1/4 cup warm water

-1/4 cup warmed olive or grapeseed oil

(Amounts can be changed depending on the amount needed. Equal parts of each ingredient is what is normally used.)


Mix together ¼ cup of warm olive oil and a ¼ cup warm water (yes, it will separate.)

Add enough bentonite clay until you get a nice thick paste that will stay in place well. (about 1/4 cup)

Cover the irritated area generously with the mixture, and then wrap a piece of clean gauze or light, thin, cotton around it to keep it covered. Let it dry for 3-4 hours and then rinse off with warm water, reapplying if needed. It's normal for your skin to feel a little tight as it dries.