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Organic Makeup Foundation with Sunscreen


1.5 oz of Almond Oil

1 oz Shea Butter

.5 oz Cocoa Butter

.5 oz Beeswax

1/8 tsp Vitamin E

.5 oz Natural Escentials Zinc Oxide

Cocoa Powder (1/2T cocoa powder is a light foundation; 1/2T plus 1t is a medium foundation; 1/2T plus 2t is a medium-dark foundation)

1/8 tsp of cinnamon

You will also need: 

  • Double-boiler (Or make your own with a glass bowl over a pot of shallow simmering water)
  • Kitchen scale 
  • Whisk
  • Container for finished product


  • Using your scale and the tare function, measure and combine the first five ingredients into the glass bowl into your double-boiler. DO NOT add the zinc oxide, cocoa powder, or cinnamon!
  • Completely  melt the first five ingredients, stirring occasionally with your whisk.
  • Remove from heat and allow time to cool a bit (a few minutes…and wipe excess moisture off the outside of your bowl, too).
  • Place your bowl back on the scale, hit tare, and add in spoonfuls of zinc oxide until you get to .5oz. This gives you approximately a 20 SPF coverage
  • Whisk to completely combine.
  • Add 1/8t cinnamon; whisk to combine.
  • Add cocoa powder a little at a time and whisk to get to the color you need…
    • 1/2T cocoa powder is a light foundation
    • 1/2T plus 1t is a medium foundation
    • 1/2T plus 2t is a medium-dark foundation
    • Simply start with 1/2T of cocoa powder, whisk to combine, check on your wrist for a color match, and add more cocoa powder (1/2t at a time) until you reach your perfect color
  • Pour into your selected container and allow to cool. (You can use small mason jars, tins, or travel size containers usually used for shampoo/conditioner.) 
  • When ready to use, you can apply with clean fingers or a makeup sponge.