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Vitamin E Sunscreen


3 oz Coconut Oil

2 oz Carrier Oil

1 oz Beeswax

1 oz Shea Butter

1.5 oz Natural Escentials Zinc Oxide

1/2 tsp Vitamin E


  • Place your glass bowl on your scale, hit tare.
  • Add all ingredients (one-by-one, hitting tare in between) EXCEPT the zinc oxide, which you add at the end.
  • Place glass bowl over pot of shallow, slightly simmering H2O. Melt ingredients completely (stir with a whisk to help it along).
  • Carefully remove from stove and wipe down condensation on bowl (you do not want H2O getting into your product).
  • Place bowl on scale, hit tare.
  • Add zinc oxide…slowly…until you get to 40g. 
  • Whisk and then carefully pour into container of your choice. (Allow to sit for 5 minutes to set properly.)